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Candelabra Chandeliers

  • Gravity LED Chandelier Detail.
    Gravity LED Chandelier in Black.
    Sold out

    Gravity LED Chandelier

    from $1,880.00

    Product Overview Fluidity and flexibility create a compelling, modern silhouette for this Gravity LED Chandelier by Moooi. Elegant wiring holds up ...

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  • Abrams Chandelier in dining room.
    Abrams Chandelier in Aged Brass.

    Abrams Chandelier

    Hudson Valley Lighting
    from $1,878.00

    Product Overview A stark work of minimalist sophistication, Abrams Chandelier mounts elongated candlesticks of finely finished metal into wide blac...

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  • Hanover Chandelier Detail.
    Hanover Chandelier in 5-Light/Burnished Brass.

    Hanover Chandelier

    Generation Lighting
    from $664.98

    Product OverviewThe Hanover Chandelier supplies ample lighting for your daily needs, while adding a layer of today's style to your home's decor. Pr...

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  • Lightweight Chandelier in dining room.
    Lightweight Chandelier in White.

    Lightweight Chandelier


    Product Overview A Lightweight Chandelier from Foscarini serves as a masterpiece above your dining room table. Instantly create conversations about...

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  • Brianna Chandelier in Detail.
    Brianna Chandelier in Brass.

    Brianna Chandelier

    Generation Lighting
    from $679.98

    Product OverviewSlim lights evoke the candles that decorated classic chandeliers while adding a modern update to the Brianna Chandelier from Genera...

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  • Ansley Chandelier in Detail.
    Ansley Chandelier in Grey.

    Ansley Chandelier

    Generation Lighting
    from $974.97

    Product OverviewThe epitome of Mountain Luxe, Ansley has a historical, raw material look with sturdy framing. Its New Aged Iron finish gives it an ...

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  • Pilsen Chandelier in Detail.
    Pilsen Chandelier in Modern Bronze and Aged Brass/6-Light.

    Pilsen Chandelier

    Troy Lighting
    from $1,070.00

    Product Overview Cylinder shades crafted of mesh metal cling to angled metal rods, as medium bulb mounts shed illumination fitting of a transitiona...

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  • Annie Chandelier in Detail.
    Annie Chandelier in Clear.

    Annie Chandelier

    Generation Lighting

    Product Overview The Annie lighting collection by Feiss is simple and chic, and delights with warm, welcoming, Provincial charm. The rustic aesthet...

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  • Smoke Chandelier Detail.
    Smoke Chandelier in Black.

    Smoke Chandelier


    Product OverviewBring in the character of burned wood in this exceptionally alluring Smoke Chandelier from Moooi. Intentionally charred and scorche...

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  • Nexus LED Chandelier in Detail.
    Nexus LED Chandelier (8-Light).

    Nexus LED Chandelier

    Corbett Lighting
    from $2,700.00

    Product Overview Add intrigue to a modern or transitional space with the satin silver leaf finish metal Nexus LED Chandelier from Corbett Lighting ...

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  • Sutton Chandelier in Detail.
    Sutton Chandelier in Textured Black/Small/1-Tier.

    Sutton Chandelier

    Troy Lighting
    from $774.00

    Product Overview Light and airy, the Sutton Chandelier from Troy Lighting pairs a wagon wheel silhouette with unadorned candles for a simple, authe...

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  • Everett Chandelier in Detail.
    Everett Chandelier in Brushed Nickel.

    Everett Chandelier

    from $679.00

    Product OverviewThe striking hammered plates are a distinctive focal point in Everett’s design. Amplifying its unique look is the rich two-tone fin...

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  • Wells Round Chandelier in Detail.
    Wells Round Chandelier in Weathered Brass.

    Wells Round Chandelier

    from $1,099.00

    Product OverviewAuthentic, vintage lighting that feels at home in an industrial setting is right in the wheelhouse for Wells Chandelier. A wide, we...

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  • Maryville Chandelier Detail.
    Maryville Chandelier in White.

    Maryville Chandelier

    Generation Lighting

    Product OverviewThe Maryville Chandelier supplies ample lighting for your daily needs, while adding a layer of today's style to your home's décor. ...

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  • Plant LED Chandelier Detail.
    Plant LED Chandelier in Brass.

    Plant LED Chandelier

    from $5,473.00

    Product Overview Bring excitement and modern wonder to a dining space or foyer with the Plant LED Chandelier from Moooi. The geometric shape offers...

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  • Silas Chandelier in Detail.
    Silas Chandelier in Aged Zinc.

    Silas Chandelier

    from $319.00

    Product OverviewWith striking simplicity, Silas Chandelier is a throwback to an era where basic, hardworking design was expected. A single, wide Ag...

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  • Euclid Chandelier in living room.
    Euclid Chandelier in Cement Gray.

    Euclid Chandelier

    from $1,399.00

    Product OverviewEuclid Chandelier is a unique style that defies trends. Blending traditional warmth and contemporary flair, its bold proportions an...

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  • Wells Orb Chandelier in Detail.
    Wells Orb Chandelier in Weathered Brass.

    Wells Orb Chandelier


    Product OverviewAuthentic, vintage lighting that feels at home in an industrial setting is right in the wheelhouse for Wells Orb Chandelier. A wide...

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  • Archie Chandelier in Detail.
    Archie Chandelier in Aged Brass.

    Archie Chandelier

    Hudson Valley Lighting
    from $2,008.00

    Product Overview When we happened upon a breathtaking avant garde Modernist candelabra, we were determined to resurrect it as a chandelier and scon...

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  • Selby Chandelier in Detail.
    Selby Chandelier in Black.

    Selby Chandelier

    from $1,099.00

    Product OverviewA new classic, Selby Chandelier achieves timeless status with its airy, streamlined silhouette and extravagant arching top frame. ...

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  • Allendale Chandelier in Detail.
    Allendale Chandelier in Aged Brass.

    Allendale Chandelier

    Hudson Valley Lighting
    from $2,020.00

    Product Overview Allendale Chandelier repurposes the rustic, offering a few variations on an enduring primitive chandelier form. In ring or rectang...

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  • Tilda Chandelier in bedroom.
    Tilda Chandelier.

    Tilda Chandelier

    from $2,135.00

    Product Overview Chandelier with five tiers of wooden sticks on curved iron arms all in a whitewash finish. The wooden dowels are placed atop pliab...

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  • Amherst Chandelier in Detail.
    Amherst Chandelier in Silver.

    Amherst Chandelier

    Hudson Valley Lighting
    from $1,700.00

    Product OverviewThere is immense beauty in the simplicity of the torch-inspired silhouette of the Amherst Chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting. P...

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  • Angler Chandelier in Detail.
    Angler Chandelier in Aged Brass.

    Angler Chandelier

    Hudson Valley Lighting
    from $584.00

    Product OverviewUsing a candlestick from the fifties as an inspiration, we designed our Angler family around the idea of staggering bulbs at differ...

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  • Bari Chandelier in Detail.
    Bari Chandelier in Aged Brass.

    Bari Chandelier

    Hudson Valley Lighting
    from $2,294.00

    Product Overview Italian mid-century lighting was glamorous and inventive, mixing materials, metals, and muses with verve. Bari pays homage to this...

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  • Dillon Chandelier in dining room.
    Dillon Chandelier in Aged Brass.

    Dillon Chandelier

    Hudson Valley Lighting
    from $1,532.00

    Product OverviewModeled off the basic idea of the curved-arm chandelier, Dillon's arms are gently undulating waves bearing candle sticks. Long, cyl...

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  • Stinson Chandelier in Detail.
    Stinson Chandelier in Black.

    Stinson Chandelier

    from $599.00

    Product OverviewFor a classic statement-maker, Stinson hits the mark. A robust open and airy cage, designed for maximum impact in a Distressed Bras...

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  • Bayview Chandelier Detail.
    Bayview Chandelier in Black and Clear.

    Bayview Chandelier

    Generation Lighting
    from $949.96

    Product Overview Minimalist framework pairs with industrial influence and candle-style lights to bring superb style to the Bayview Chandelier from ...

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  • Astrid Chandelier in living room.
    Astrid Chandelier in Deluxe Gold.

    Astrid Chandelier

    from $619.00

    Product OverviewBlending geometric shapes to create an engaging, mid-century silhouette for the contemporary Astrid Chandelier from Hinkley. The ce...

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  • Breck Chandelier in Detail.
    Breck Chandelier in Antique Brass.

    Breck Chandelier


    Product Overview This chandelier features steel arms that curve upwards reaching from a center point at two different heights to create a double ti...

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  • Longmont Chandelier in Detail.
    Longmont Chandelier in Brass.

    Longmont Chandelier

    Hudson Valley Lighting

    Product OverviewDecadence and symmetry merge to shape an exquisite retro-inspired motif in the Longmont Chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting, bec...

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  • Brigitte Pendant Light Detail.
    Brigitte Pendant Light in Gold.

    Brigitte Pendant Light

    from $806.00

    Product Overview This Brigitte Pendant Light from Mitzi in your choice of six or ten lights adds an elegance and grace to your home. In gorgeous fi...

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  • Tabitha Chandelier in Detail.
    Tabitha Chandelier in Clear and Brass.

    Tabitha Chandelier


    Product Overview Circle around the power of luxurious lighting as a primary décor element, adding the Tabitha Chandelier from Mitzi to a contempora...

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  • Simple Sweep Chandelier in Detail.
    Simple Sweep Chandelier.

    Simple Sweep Chandelier

    Hubbardton Forge
    from $1,139.60

    Product Overview Classical elegance and swooping curves create the familiar silhouette of the Simple Sweep Chandelier from Hubbardton Forge. Produc...

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  • Labra Chandelier in Detail.
    Labra Chandelier.

    Labra Chandelier

    Hudson Valley Lighting
    from $1,050.00

    Product OverviewOrganic curvature and modern minimalism collide in the exceptional Labra Chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting. Product Features: ...

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  • Flute Chandelier in living room.
    Flute Chandelier.

    Flute Chandelier

    Alora Lighting
    from $949.20

    Product Overview Celebration is one of the universal languages we all speak. Reminiscent of a champagne glass, Flute features ribbed glass tubes th...

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  • Eastmont Chandelier in Detail.
    Eastmont Chandelier.

    Eastmont Chandelier

    from $274.99

    Product Overview The Eastmont™ multi- light chandelier is undeniably remarkable. A Walnut Wood wagon wheel with Polished Nickel arms set the scene ...

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  • Kimrose Chandelier in Detail.
    Kimrose Chandelier.

    Kimrose Chandelier

    from $364.99

    Product OverviewThe Kimrose™ 3 light chandelier may be small in size but big in style. Its Art Deco-inspired geometric shapes take center stage in ...

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  • Geoffrey Chandelier in Detail.
    Geoffrey Chandelier in Medium.

    Geoffrey Chandelier

    from $1,940.00

    Product OverviewHanging by a purposely rusted chain the large gray wood ring makes an impressive statement when hanging from a beam in a Great Room...

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  • Logan Chandelier Detail.
    Logan Chandelier in 4-Light/Polished Nickel.

    Logan Chandelier

    Generation Lighting
    from $659.98

    Product Overview The Logan Chandelier is the perfect way to achieve your desired fashion or functional needs in your home. The Logan family of prod...

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  • Beverly Chandelier in Detail.
    Beverly Chandelier in Grey.

    Beverly Chandelier

    Generation Lighting
    from $429.98

    Product OverviewThe Beverly Collection features a stunning combination of rustic, time-worn finishes like Distressed White Wood on the cascading be...

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  • Bowery Chandelier in Detail.
    Bowery Chandelier in Aged Old Bronze.

    Bowery Chandelier

    Hudson Valley Lighting
    from $2,128.00

    Product OverviewThe Bowery Chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting is sure to impress with its sleek lines and elegant arrangement of delicate, whit...

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  • Chambers Chandeliers in Detail.
    Chambers Chandeliers in Aged Brass.

    Chambers Chandeliers

    Hudson Valley Lighting
    from $2,082.00

    Product OverviewWith a metal band surrounded by an offset ring, Chambers uses minimalism to maximize a sense of presence. Hook-and-rod arms nod to ...

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  • Bodie Chandelier in Detail.
    Bodie Chandelier in Dark Cement.

    Bodie Chandelier

    from $569.00

    Product OverviewBodie Chandelier is simple, sturdy and built to last, just as expected when industrial and farmhouse influences combine. The open g...

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  • Gideon Chandelier in Detail.
    Gideon Chandelier in Aged Brass.

    Gideon Chandelier

    Hudson Valley Lighting
    from $1,582.00

    Product OverviewGideon’s arms are round rods bent at obtuse angles, submerging into long tubes of metal the same diameter as the tubular bulbs whic...

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  • Upton Chandelier in Detail.
    Upton Chandelier in Aged Brass.

    Upton Chandelier

    Hudson Valley Lighting
    from $1,734.00

    Product OverviewChoose the Upton Chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting to repurpose an artistic aura in a dining or living space, embracing a blen...

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  • Beckham Modern Chandelier Detail.
    Beckham Modern Chandelier in Brass.

    Beckham Modern Chandelier

    Generation Lighting
    from $1,144.99

    Product OverviewPetite orbs glow from each end of vertical posts to create a cityscape-inspired silhouette for the Beckham Modern Chandelier from G...

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  • Juniper Chandelier in Detail.
    Juniper Chandelier in Textured Gold Leaf/6-Light.

    Juniper Chandelier

    Troy Lighting
    from $1,050.00

    Product Overview Embrace an artistic silhouette and style in the Juniper Chandelier from Troy Lighting, enjoying off-white hardback linen cylinder ...

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