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Globe Chandeliers

  • Apogee LED Pendant Light in Detail.
    Apogee LED Pendant Light in Small.

    Apogee LED Pendant Light

    Troy Lighting
    from $545.00

    Product Overview A trio of multi-colored rings create an orbital effect as they encircle the frosted orb at the center of this Apogee LED Pendant L...

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  • Hubble Bubble Chandelier in dining room.
    Hubble Bubble Chandelier in Black.

    Hubble Bubble Chandelier

    from $1,895.00

    Product OverviewBubble globes in an iridescent finish make a spectacular display with the Hubble Bubble Chandelier from Moooi. Bubble bulbs surroun...

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  • Byron Chandelier in Detail.
    Byron Chandelier (4-Light).

    Byron Chandelier

    Troy Lighting
    from $577.00

    Product Overview Gain inspiration from the mixture of two distinct motifs in the Byron Chandelier from Troy Lighting, featuring a space-age modern ...

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  • Kinetic LED Chandelier Detail.
    Kinetic LED Chandelier in Black.

    Kinetic LED Chandelier

    Modern Forms

    Product OverviewHow do you improve on perfection? Just add a little black magic. Featuring a new black finish and an optional fifth ring, Kinetic i...

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  • Jasmine Pendant Light Detail.
    Jasmine Pendant Light in Brass.

    Jasmine Pendant Light

    from $198.00

    Product Overview Style an entryway with sleek, elegant character and a polished aesthetic to effortlessly match your refined sense of style. Boasti...

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  • Constellation® Hedron LED Pendant Light in Detail.
    Constellation® Hedron LED Pendant Light in Satin Nickel.

    Constellation® Hedron LED Pendant Light

    Sonneman Lighting

    Product Overview A fashionable take on Japanese artistry lends a bit of exotic charm to the Constellation® Hedron LED Pendant Light from Sonneman L...

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  • Coco Chandelier Detail.
    Coco Chandelier in White.

    Coco Chandelier

    from $752.00

    Product Overview Elevate a dining room with dramatic, modern flair and a touch of uniqueness to set your style apart. Coco Chandelier from Mitzi of...

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  • Allier Chandelier Detail.
    Allier Chandelier in Grey.

    Allier Chandelier

    Generation Lighting
    from $1,059.98

    Product OverviewImbued with modern farmhouse sophistication, the Allier Chandelier from Generation Lighting pairs a classic candelabra frame with a...

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  • Iliad Chandelier in Detail.
    Iliad Chandelier (3-Light).

    Iliad Chandelier

    Troy Lighting
    from $252.00

    Product Overview Polished nickel accents bring a sense of cool sophistication to the simple silhouette and gorgeous shades of the Iliad Chandelier ...

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  • Chaos Round LED Chandelier Detail.
    Chaos Round LED Chandelier in Brass.

    Chaos Round LED Chandelier

    Modern Forms
    from $1,999.00

    Product OverviewSeemingly random, the Chaos Round LED Chandelier from Modern Forms is achieved with exceptional precision and structure. Product Fe...

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  • Hopper Chandelier in Detail.
    Hopper Chandelier (9-Light).

    Hopper Chandelier

    Corbett Lighting
    from $2,984.00

    Product Overview Borrowing from a retro aviation design motif, the Hopper Chandelier from Corbett Lighting delivers bold style and a cool blend of ...

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  • Orb Chandelier in Detail.
    Orb Chandelier.

    Orb Chandelier

    Hubbardton Forge

    Product OverviewSlim, interwoven arms are capped with delicate lights to create a chic, compelling look for the Orb Chandelier from Hubbardton Forg...

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  • Whit Chandelier in living room.
    Whit Chandelier in Black and Brass.

    Whit Chandelier


    Product Overview A tempting design scheme hits on retro inspiration as it adds a modern boost to dining rooms and living spaces, making the Whit Ch...

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  • Paige Chandelier Detail.
    Paige Chandelier in White and Brass.

    Paige Chandelier

    from $956.00

    Product Overview Illuminate the elegant aesthetic of your dining room décor with this sleek, striking, modern Paige Chandelier from Mitzi. Flauntin...

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  • Arlo Chandelier in Detail.
    Arlo Chandelier (3-Light).

    Arlo Chandelier

    Troy Lighting
    from $495.00

    Product Overview Acacia orbs and clear glass globes create a compelling look and feel for the intriguing, contemporary Arlo Chandelier from Troy Li...

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  • Ace Chandelier in Detail.
    Ace Chandelier in Textured Bronze/Brushed Brass/6-Light.

    Ace Chandelier

    Troy Lighting
    from $380.00

    Product Overview Perfect for both modern and transitional spaces, the Ace Chandelier from Troy Lighting adds a hint of space-inspired design with a...

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  • Estee Chandelier Detail.
    Estee Chandelier in Gold and White.

    Estee Chandelier


    Product Overview Hip and light-hearted, the Estee Chandelier from Mitzi lends a sensible yet cheerful design that seems to frolic above dining tabl...

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  • Cirque Chandelier in Detail.
    Cirque Chandelier.

    Cirque Chandelier

    Hubbardton Forge
    from $1,210.00

    Product OverviewFlared steel shelters the light and evokes flickering flames on the Cirque Chandelier from Hubbardton Forge.Product Features: Coll...

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  • Willow Chandelier Detail.
    Willow Chandelier in Gold and Black.

    Willow Chandelier

    from $606.00

    Product Overview Captivating geometric shapes blend arcs and orbs to create a mix of futuristic and retro styles, adding versatility and charm to t...

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  • Carrie Chandelier Detail.
    Carrie Chandelier in White.

    Carrie Chandelier


    Product Overview For a modern aesthetic that's decidedly different, Carrie Chandelier from Mitzi is a step above the rest. Graceful curves fuse wit...

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  • Renee Chandelier Detail.
    Renee Chandelier in Black, Brass and White.

    Renee Chandelier


    Product Overview A retro aesthetic with a modern edge creates an awe-inspiring dining room focal point. Light up your surroundings with the elegant...

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  • Harlow Round Chandelier Detail.
    Harlow Round Chandelier in Clear and Brass.

    Harlow Round Chandelier


    Product Overview Create a fresh, modern aesthetic with a retro-inspired twist to effortlessly match your unique sense of style. Harlow Round Chande...

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  • Veloce LED Chandelier Additional image.
    Veloce LED Chandelier in Black and White.

    Veloce LED Chandelier

    Modern Forms
    from $1,099.00

    Product Overview Interlocked bands of metal loop around and around on this simple yet oblique design, a formal puzzle that inspires awe and envy in...

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  • Tagliato LED Chandelier in Detail.
    Tagliato LED Chandelier.

    Tagliato LED Chandelier

    Alora Lighting

    Product Overview A mixture of finishes and design, Tagliato is a blended style of fixtures. Matte Black frames are accented with distinct details o...

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  • Harlow Chandelier Detail.
    Harlow Chandelier in Clear and Brass.

    Harlow Chandelier


    Product Overview Enrich your everyday atmosphere with no-nonsense glamour and bright ambiance. Flaunting a classic steel frame offered in aged bras...

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  • Margot Chandelier Detail.
    Margot Chandelier in Brass and Clear.

    Margot Chandelier


    Product Overview Shoot for metropolitan glam in a contemporary space as you choose the ever-important lighting fixture. The Margot Chandelier from ...

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  • Novel LED Chandelier in Detail.
    Novel LED Chandelier.

    Novel LED Chandelier

    Kuzco Lighting

    Product OverviewThe Novel LED Chandelier from Kuzco Lighting presents a bit of space-age attitude as it infuses adjustable, energy-efficient lighti...

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  • Saturn LED Chandelier in Detail.
    Saturn LED Chandelier.

    Saturn LED Chandelier

    Hudson Valley Lighting

    Product Overview Utilizing both the vertical and horizontal plane, the Saturn LED Chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting shows off impressive asymm...

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  • Bolla LED Chandelier in Detail.
    Bolla LED Chandelier.

    Bolla LED Chandelier

    Kuzco Lighting
    from $623.70

    Product Overview Refined seven LED pendant chandelier bouquet with each pendant having a sphere shaped clear glass with inner frosted glass. New pa...

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  • Arvo LED Chandelier in Detail.
    Arvo LED Chandelier.

    Arvo LED Chandelier

    from $569.99

    Product OverviewA fetching look that seems to softly spin in place. The Arvo™ orb combines a popular silhouette with extraordinary LED lighting at ...

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  • Meurice Chandelier in Detail.
    Meurice Chandelier.

    Meurice Chandelier

    Robert Abbey

    Product OverviewAdd a bit of boldness to modern dining room décor with the ultra-glam Meurice Chandelier from Robert Abbey. Product Features: Coll...

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  • Rio Chandelier in Detail.
    Rio Chandelier.

    Rio Chandelier

    Robert Abbey

    Product OverviewThe Rio Chandelier from Robert Abbey makes a dramatic statement with glowing orbs of light. Product Features: Collection: Jonathan...

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  • Milano Chandelier in Detail.
    Milano Chandelier.

    Milano Chandelier

    Robert Abbey

    Product OverviewThe dramatic silhouette of the Milano Chandelier from Robert Abbey is brought to life by its perfectly polished frame. Product Feat...

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  • Milano Wide Chandelier in Detail.
    Milano Wide Chandelier.

    Milano Wide Chandelier

    Robert Abbey

    Product OverviewThe elaborate Milano Wide Chandelier from Robert Abbey makes a dramatic, modern statement in a formal dining room. Product Features...

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  • Renwick Chandelier in Detail.
    Renwick Chandelier.

    Renwick Chandelier

    Visual Comfort
    from $1,619.00

    Product OverviewThe Renwick Chandelier from Visual Comfort will have onlookers in a trance with its dazzling display. Carefully placed crystals giv...

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  • Bellvale Chandelier in Detail.
    Bellvale Chandelier.

    Bellvale Pendant Light

    Visual Comfort

    Product OverviewNothing less than a masterpiece, the Bellvale Pendant Light from Visual Comfort will leave you feeling inspired. Gorgeous clear glo...

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  • Bellvale LED Chandelier in Detail.
    Bellvale LED Chandelier.

    Bellvale Chandelier

    Visual Comfort

    Product Overview The Bellvale Chandelier from Visual Comfort brings an aspect of brilliance. A cluster of clear globes magnifies light and illumina...

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  • Liscia Chandelier in Detail.
    Liscia Chandelier.

    Liscia Chandelier

    Visual Comfort
    from $4,199.00

    Product OverviewEach teardrop crystal perfectly captures the character of the Liscia Chandelier from Visual Comfort. This piece is positioned to co...

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  • Terraluz Chandelier in Detail.
    Terraluz Chandelier.

    Terraluz Chandelier

    Cyan Design

    Product Overview The Boho appeal and Shabby-Chic influence are on full display on the Terraluz chandelier. An iron frame covered in hand-made macra...

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  • Helios Chandelier in Detail.
    Helios Chandelier.

    Helios Chandelier

    Cyan Design
    from $1,055.70

    Product Overview Luxurious and stunning, the modern Helios chandelier is characterized by its perfectly angled, aged brass frame and its dual, up-l...

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  • Onyx Chandelier in Detail.
    Onyx Chandelier.

    Onyx Globe Chandelier

    Corbett Lighting
    from $1,190.00

    Product OverviewSmall globes of opal cloud glass rest on sprawling, curved arms giving Onyx an uplifted and airy feel. Etched on the inside, the gl...

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  • Emerald Chandelier in Detail.
    Emerald Chandelier.

    Emerald Chandelier

    Corbett Lighting
    from $3,300.00

    Product OverviewAn exemplary display of the intersection of art and function creates a must-have fixture in the Emerald Chandelier from Corbett Lig...

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  • Karina Chandelier in Detail.
    Karina Chandelier.

    Karina Chandelier

    Visual Comfort
    from $7,219.00

    Product OverviewOpt for the ultimate in glam, styling an upscale space with the Karina Chandelier from Visual Comfort. Gleaming light radiates from...

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  • Orbit LED Chandelier in Detail.
    Orbit LED Chandelier.

    Orbit LED Chandelier

    Hudson Valley Lighting
    from $3,390.00

    Product Overview Take interstellar style to new heights with the intriguing silhouette and gorgeous illumination of the Orbit LED Chandelier from H...

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  • Jonathan Adler Meurice Chandelier in Detail.
    Jonathan Adler Meurice Chandelier.

    Jonathan Adler Meurice Chandelier

    Robert Abbey

    Product OverviewA playful version of Art Deco décor shapes a circular silhouette and globe shades with gorgeous metal accents, making the Jonathan ...

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  • Crosby LED Chandelier in Detail.
    Crosby LED Chandelier.

    Crosby LED Chandelier

    Tech Lighting
    from $2,310.00

    Product Overview The Crosby LED Chandelier by AvroKO for Tech Lighting blends the radiance of 1970's Italian flair, with a striking yet simple desi...

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  • Centric Pendant Light in Detail.
    Centric Pendant Light.

    Centric Pendant Light

    Fredrick Ramond
    from $1,099.00

    Product Overview Hand-crafted, interconnected circles compose this stunning pendant. The unique construction, crafted in a modern burnished gold fi...

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  • Carson Pendant Light in living room.
    Carson Pendant Light.

    Carson Pendant Light

    Fredrick Ramond
    from $399.00

    Product Overview Carson pairs a hint of industrial sophistication and repurposed craftsmanship with its bold overlapping metal ribbons. The hand-cr...

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